Saturday, June 17, 2006

At the end of the day

After a fairly relaxed morning (Some paper work and helping Ms. Bea put a few things in the distribution center), things picked up. A few teams came in today and after showing some where they'd be sleeping, answering questions, and eating dinner. I was ready to run and hide. I gained even more respect for what the Greg, JoEll, and Pastor Don do here, but this was only a very small part of what they do.
I will say though at the end of the day, I love to see and grateful for the way that God is bringing volunteers to Lakeshore Baptist to serve with brothers and sisters to bring the gospel and hope to this community.

Here are a few pictures of what the community looks like almost 10 months after the storm. The first one is of the rubble that remains from someone's home near the beach. The second is what a lot of trees look like (this one was taken near the beach, some trees a little further inland have a few leaves, but are still quite bare-it reminds me of winter in WI). The third is a historical church building that sits across the street from where it sat before the storm.

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