Sunday, July 09, 2006

New trailer

The week has barely begun, but it is already moving at a fast pace. This week we are getting ready for about 210 volunteers, and we are working on getting things lined up for each of the teams, depending on the skill level of the groups. This week there will also be a Bible conference going on, put on by a church from Atlanta, GA. In the mornings there will be VBS and the evening study will be for adults and the children will have other activities. This morning was the first sermon from the series, and from what I heard I think this will be a good Bible conference.

In other news I have graduated from living in a shipping crate to a mobile home. It's a nice little place. It gives me a place to play guitar, if I find time later in the evenings, without waking up my neighbors.


Anonymous said...

It's great to have these updates from you. And it's great to hear about all the good will that is happening for these people.
I'm happy that you are able to make the commitement that you have.
~Mark Pappas

P.S. - Do you want any Animal Crackers? :)

Awaken to Life said...

Dude,that's a pretty sweet ride you got there! = ) Hope things are going well for you.

Jamie Dunbar said...

I'll be alright if I never saw another animal craker again :)