Tuesday, July 18, 2006

quick update

There’s still much going on here in Lakeshore. As teams continue to work houses are being built, roofs are being shingled, yards are being cleaned, and people are being ministered to. I know the Gospel is being shared by teams that are coming here and that the Lord is using that message to draw people to Himself.

Today I spent a good bit of my morning working in the warehouse (the gym of the elementary school) with a team from Texas picking up supplies/food to put into the distribution center for the folks in the community. There are still days when 400+ people come through the distribution center.

As time goes on here I am realizing a good night’s sleep does a lot for a person. Not forgetting to mention the more important time in prayer and reading God’s Word. At the moment, I am working my way through 1 Corinthians, as well as, reading “Let the Nations Be Glad” by John Piper. I am enjoying Piper’s book a good bit, though I haven’t had a whole lot of time to devote to reading it. It’s definitely worth reading.

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