Friday, July 28, 2006

Roll Tide...

As I was reading Russell Moore's blog today I got a chuckle out of his commentary on the new college sports Bible T-shirts. The teams highlighted are Alabama and Auburn (for those who aren't aware the are huge rivals in the state of Alabama-and I've declared Alabama).

University of Alabama fans can get a shirt that, quoting Ezekiel 20:29, reads on the front: "Then I said to them, what is this HIGH PLACE you go to?" On the other side, it says, "It is called BAMAh to this day." Auburn fans can buy a shirt with a citation from the Proverbs: "The way of an EAGLE in the sky." The Auburn shirt is, of course, orange and the Alabama shirt, red. -Russell Moore.

But I'll be ok if I never run out and buy one. Not being a big fan of Christian merchandising, all I could do was shake my head when I read this.

Check out Russell Moore's blog to read his take on the matter.

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