Friday, July 28, 2006

The weeks end, well sort of...

Work here in Lakeshore has not ceased. There is still lots to be done. Though now that the summer is beginning to wind down, the number of groups that are coming have decreased as well. So here comes the plug :) We are still looking for folks to come down, if you or your church or you know a church who are interested or even have a slight interst please shoot me an email or call 608.642.1464 There is still years of work ahead of the folks here in south Mississippi and we are committed to helping this community rebuild. If you have been here before spread the word about what is going on around Lakeshore.

Teams this week are still busy working. There are some folks painting the outside of Ms. Reddford's home, doing plumbing/electrical work in the church office, continuing to construct Ms. Lynn's house, help in the warehouse and the store, and do many other tasks. We are grateful for each volunteer that has come to help and for what they have contributed to each task.

The distribution center here on the grounds is still a source for many to come to get food, clothing, and other supplies. The past two Wednesdays we have had 462 people come through each day. While Friday and Saturday are a bit slower, I would still say we often get 200+ on those days. These are a couple of pictures of the distribution center.

I have talked with my family back home some and was happy to hear my dad's report from the doctor concerning his heart. From what my sister tells me (she translates all that medicalese into something I can understand) things are looking pretty good. Praise God!

I also got visitor today. Casey, a friend of my pastor back home, stopped by on his way from Alabama to Texas. He was in for about an hour and a half, but it was great spending time with him and getting to know him. It was also a great little break from the busyness around here.

Lately many of my evenings I have spent walking the beach with my friend Sharon from New Jersey. Though the gulf water is like a bath tub, it is still relaxing to walk up and down the beach through the water watching the sun set, stepping over the jelly fish, shells, broken things, and dead fish.

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