Sunday, August 13, 2006


I have had the opportunity to get a couple of days away from Lakeshore in the past few days. Friday I took my first trip to New Orleans with my pastor's wife and another volunteer. I had a great time walking around New Orleans and stopping in some of the stores along the way. I could have walked around all day just taking in the sights. I also ventured into my first tattoo shop, no tattoos for me though. But I did get a chance to play a couple decent guitars that were in a little hole in the wall guitar store.

Today I ventured off to Mobile, AL. I just felt like taking a ride, since I have gotten my car back and the a/c works! and I had never been to Alabama. I didn't stop really to do anything. I was content just to drive around and enjoy the beauty of God's creation. It's bit different than the surroundings here in Lakeshore.

Pastor Don began this week a series through the book of Nehemiah. I am really quite excited about this.

Work here in Lakeshore continues to go on. And this weekend we were able to get Ms. Bula into her house, so that is really exciting. We still have a few teams coming and going, working here on the church property, in the warehouse, and in people's homes. The distribution center is still a very busy place, many folks are still in need of the basics.

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