Saturday, August 19, 2006

Brief reflections

I was able to stop by Ms. Malstrom's camper yesterday and chat with her for a while. The church has sent several teams over to her house this summer and she almost ready to move in, she is hoping to be in within the next month. Basically just waiting on the gas company and a refrigerator and stove, then she'll be able to get in. She took me in to see the progress that has been made. It is such a cute little place now.

Through the course of the summer I have had some time to reflect on what is happening all around me, however, as I try to explain it the words I can come up with don't seem like enough. But in a very brief summary: It has been awesome to see the ways God is working here. Working in the hearts and lives of folks around here and in other parts of the country; seeing the church stand firm on the truth; provision for the biggest of needs and the smallest; and seeing folks frodifferentnt denominations, states, walks of life come together and unselfishly serve along side each other.

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Anonymous said...

jamie you have shown me so much of yourself in the pass since you graduted the things you done and the things you beleive in . oyu atre the best child i could ever of asked for. you have helped so many and took nothing for your self and i am so proud of you i just cant say that enough....i enjoy every minute you spend at hone with me because it is my kids that makes me want to keep living so much and enjoy the things in your life that is so important to me. you are the best jamie i love you DAD