Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Uniforms, distribution, and Mississippi's largest M

As time goes on we are getting closer and closer to moving into the new office and out of the camper. We recently got the power on and air conditioner running, this morning it was a brisk 65 degrees in the office. Though there are still a few things that need to be done before we can fully move in.

Our team from Texas has been working hard doing many different tasks. A team of 11 is spread pretty thin between helping in the kitchen, helping in the distribution center/warehouse, and putting up drywall, but they are doing a good job. Tomorrow we will give away uniforms for the Gulfview elementary school children, which we have been collecting over the last couple of months. The other day we were blessed with a few hundred uniform shirts, shorts, and pants.

The distribution center saw another busy day. I’m not sure of the final count for the day, but around 11:30am about 310 people had already come through. This is the line that started forming around 8:30am, a half hour before the store opens.

When interns get bored... (which doesn’t happen often):
So we filled in the bog that was behind the Quonset hut with part of the crushed up elementary school from down the road. Now we have the highest point in Hancock County behind the cemetery, well maybe not the highest but gave me a hill big enough to build on. I’ve told them back home we have the worlds largest “M” and they have seen my “I’ve climbed the worlds largest “M” t-shirt” so I decided to bring a little bit of home to Mississippi. The side of the hill gave me a place to put it.

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