Thursday, August 17, 2006

Work, growth, and conviction

Much continues to be worked on here in Lakeshore. Teams are out working in several homes laying floors, putting up cabinets, putting in air conditioners, and ministering to the grieving. We have several small teams here at the moment and it has been fun getting to know some of the volunteers a bit better. One family that is here now John & Shannon and their 2 children from Maryland share a love of scripture and the doctrines of grace and it has been enjoyable to talk with them and get to know them as they serve.

This past Wednesday night we changed things up a bit for the church service. We watched a DVD of The Desiring God conference held last fall. John Piper preached to us last night and fit about 30 sermons into 55 minutes. He was preaching on God’s Sovereignty over Satan and evil. It was pretty intense and I am sure I missed part of what he was saying at times, but I was encouraged this morning when I heard that one of the members was having a hard time with one of the points Piper was making. I was encouraged that folks were really thinking about what they were hearing and questioning things that didn’t make sense. It is apparent that God is working in the hearts of the folks here in Lakeshore and the members of Lakeshore Baptist Church.

As I was reading my email this week and checking several blogs I came across numerous times a fresh words letter that John Piper recently wrote. It was very convicting and really made me think about what comes out of my mouth. Entitled "Talking to people Rather than about them" it is definately worth a read.

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