Thursday, October 19, 2006

let us proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ

I have been pondering a great deal something I heard someone say the other day. And in regards to my last post, while I still think the Joel Osteen game one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen, I did not covey how my heart is saddened by the Joel Osteen phenomenon. The number of people who are buying into the Joel Osteen "christianity" and not what scripture says does break my heart -people who are putting their hope in the prosperity gospel and not in the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many who ascribe to the teaching of Osteen and think they are going to heaven, but will not hear The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ preached and live their life being deceived because they are "happy".

But some of those people who are happy now, wil be greatly disappointed when trouble comes their way in this life. But evenmore to spend eternity in hell, but live being deceived and thinking all along they were going to heaven. Can I let myself continue to let people be deceived by this man and other like him. Let us (and I speak to myself here) proclaim the gospel to those around us, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, NOT a "gospel" of prosperity.

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