Monday, October 23, 2006

Ms. Redford's little mansion

“Oh Jamie come inside and see this” was the words I heard from Ms. Redford when I pulled up at her house this past Friday. A couple of volunteer teams that were here this past week help put the finishing touches to the inside of her “mansion”. She gave me the grand tour of her place, telling me the entire time how grateful she was for each of the teams that have come to work on her home, from the very beginning to the finishing touches. I am so excited to see Ms. Redford getting into her house. Ms. Redford is such a precious women and I’m truly blessed to know her and have been greatly encouraged by talking with her during my time here in Lakeshore. Ms. Redford was able to sleep in her house for the first time on Saturday night. Here's a few picture of her little mansion.

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Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD!! We can't wait to see Mrs. Redford in her new mansion when we arrive in November. To think our Maryland team were the ones to pour the footers + build the foundation is s-o exciting. What a true Blessing from the Lord to see her house come to fruition!!!