Monday, October 09, 2006

A week at work...

Much has taken place here in Lakeshore this past week and we are fixin' to have more busy weeks ahead of us. Praise God for the steady flow of volunteers. This past week we had folks working at Mr. Howee's house and Ms. Lynn's house, as well as a few other sites.

Here's a few pictures of folks working at Ms. Lynn's on the soffit and back porch

Here's few pictures from Mr. Howee's. This week they were working on the plumbing, insulation, widening some doors, and beginning the sheet rock.

Another project that we are helping at is the home of Ms. Speed. This is one of the volunteer teams helping with the framing.

This past week I had a great time hanging out with the group of students from Louisville, KY. Doug Thorpe, who helped out here in Lakeshore this summer for a couple of weeks, brought a few friends from his church down to Lakeshore to work for part of the week. Dave and Doug worked on a couple of plumbing projects, the first one though I admit was pretty gross. Amanda is working on getting the smell of shrimp off the floor in the kitchen.

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