Saturday, October 28, 2006

Where did October go?

Man the month of October has flown by. In the past month we have seen a steady stream of volunteers coming into Lakeshore from all over the nation and are continually receiving calls from other churches, individuals, and organizations that want to plan a trip to the area.

One group of college students from Ole Miss tackled several different projects in the one Saturday they were able to be here. They finished cleaning out part of a shed for a family who belongs to the church. They worked at Mr. Howee’s house painting the porch. And they put the final coat of paint on the outside of Ms. Redford’s home.

Another team from South Carolina made a lot of progress on the home of Ms. Speed doing some framing, wiring, and wrapping the house.

Another team that was here from Providence Presbyterian Church in Hilton Head worked in several locations, but the majority of their group worked at the home of Geneva Dedaux. They did a great job putting up sheetrock and mudding it, getting it ready for the next phase.

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