Monday, November 20, 2006

Eleven teams, nine states

It’s the beginning of a busy and by the end of the week we will have had eleven different teams from nine different states. To be honest I can’t keep track of how many homes we have teams at this week, though I know we are working at least at seven or eight, plus teams working in the kitchen and the warehouse. I was able to run around today and check up on some of the teams. So here’s the tour of homes…

This is Mr. Bob from Highlands Fellowship in Virginia working at Ms. Lambert's home. He and a couple of guys from New Jersey put the floor into her trailer, she's thrilled.

Ms. Lynn's house has the inside painted and a team from Ellison Ridge Baptist in Mississippi is working on finishing the soffit, cleaning up the grounds, and other miscellaneous things around the house.

When I walked into James and Ms. Bea's house the team Calvary Baptist in Carney Point, New Jersey had guys working in almost every room mudding or sanding sheetrock. Their house is coming right along.

At Ms. Redford's the ladies from Trinity Lutheran in Joppa, Maryland worked at getting the lattice up n the front porch.

Part of the team from Calvary Baptist in Holland Michigan worked at Mr. Howee's home. When I arrived they were working on a number of different jobs. In some of the rooms they were mudding sheetrock, in others laying flooring. Outside they were working on getting the soffit put on.

And then there was the group from Florida... Actually, I’m having a great time having this group from Grace Baptist in Cape Coral here. They are serving the volunteers by cooking for us, with Ms. Kathy and George from MS, this week. I must say (having just eaten dinner) they can cook a pretty rockin meatloaf. I’m hoping by the end of the week to have them square dancing. They didn’t get around to it last time they were here, and I would really like to see that.


Becca said...

Jamie!!!!! Hey we made it back to good ol florida. It's so nice and warm!!! :-D:-D

Jamie Dunbar said...

I'm glad ya'll made it home. It's finally warming up here (at least for the next couple of days!) It was great hanging out with ya'll this week.

Ray said...

Hey Jamie! I had an AWESOME time this past week! It was great seeing you and everyone else in Lakeshore again! I'm def looking forward to coming back sometime in the spring, Lord willing! and yeah, you totally need to come visit us down here in the nice, warm alligator-infested Florida sometime soon! :)