Thursday, November 02, 2006

A few sights from a busy week

This past week was a happening week here in Lakeshore. We had several teams here, some where around 70 people. I don't even really know how many houses were worked on this week, I let Greg keep up with every team. I was able however to get out to a few of the sites this week. But realized most of the pictures I took wasn't with my camera, anyway here's a few pictures of some of the things that went on this week.

This is Jame's and Ms. Bea's house before the insulation and sheetrock that was hung this week.

This is a couple of men from Harvest Community Church in NC painting the railing of the church office.

A group from West Virginia was here this week that worked on painting Ms. Lambert's trailer and hanging up sheet rock.

And at another place we are working. We are working on turning the old carport into a small apartment. This is a team from Tennesse framing it up


Donna-Jean said...

Wonderful pictures. And I'm thrilled to see such beautiful GREEN in the background! I always wondered if anything would really grow back.

Thank you for all you do. Our men will be down there next week.

Paula from Maryland said...

I am thrilled as Donna-Jean said. Our ladies' group will be there in 2 weeks - PRAISE GOD! and can't wait to start sanding + painting @ Ms Bea's. smile.
So Jamie --- are you still leaving Lakeshore in late December??? If so, we will all surely miss you. I promise to keep reading your AWEOME blog ;>)