Thursday, November 30, 2006

moving forward on Ms. Peewee's home

This week a group from Tennessee tackled Ms. Peewee's house, following the group from Mississippi who constructed the front porch. They got a ton accomplished from putting the windows and doors in, wrapping, siding, constructing the roof, and just in before this evening's rain putting the shingles on.


Paula said...

This fast-paced work on Ms Peewee's house is simply AMAZING! We didn't get a chance to drive by last week but heard all the buzz about the quick start on the house + saw your earlier pictures of the walls going up just 10 days ago. GOD IS S-O GOOD!!
Thanks for sharing, Jamie.

Donna-Jean said...

Our guys were passing around printed pictures from your blog at church tonight, Jamie. They were thrilled to see their foundation covered over with a house! :-) They wished they could have gone from start to finish, but they're so glad for Ms Peewee - and they're already talking about their next (fourth) trip!