Saturday, December 09, 2006

concrete and paint fumes

This week at Ms. Lynn's, a few folks from First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, MS worked on several different tasks. They worked on putting the frames around the windows, some of the plumbing, and several differnt things in the bathroom.

A team from the west coast (California and Oregon) poured Mr. Sherman's slab. Mr. Sherman and his wife are residents of Lakeshore and are rebuilding on the property where they lived prior to Katrina.
The same team from California and Oregon worked at James and Ms. Bea's house, priming and painting their home.

Our friends from Immanuel Baptist and Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY worked on several projects this past week, most of which included mudding, sanding, and painting.
Here they work at Ms. Lambert's home, which got painted this week.

And at the church office. Putting both a second coat of paint on the railings and doing some sheetrock work and painting in the bathroom.
And here at Ms. Redford's painting and putting up the little wooden decorative things on the porch.

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