Tuesday, December 12, 2006

lessons from Lakeshore

My friend Sarah from Florida was here a few weeks ago. After returning home from Lakeshore she listed on her blog 50 lessons she learned while she was here. Many of these great lessons I have also learned since I arrived in Lakeshore 6 months ago. I cannot articulate to the extent that I would like to the things that I’ve been learning through life experiences, through relationships I’ve built, and through the reading/teaching of God’s word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Here are a few of those 50 lessons:

7) Some of the greatest discussions can be held in a cramped hallway, outside walking through the mud, or in an overgrown storage pantry.
9) The most essential part of the day may be the thirty-second prayer that helps you get out of bed.
11) Spending twenty minutes just listening to someone is rarely a waste of time.
18) 5:30 am is a wicked time to have to wake up.
19) At 5:30 am it doesn’t really matter whether or not your clothes match.
23) God is glorified through things that may not seem to matter much to us - a yummy meal, a clean kitchen, a squeaky clean pot, a book read to a snotty-nosed four year-old.
24) God’s Word is as essential to a healthy day as a good breakfast.
27) No matter how old you are, you are capable of saying stupid, hurtful things and asking forgiveness.
32) An encouraging word and a hug can do more to lift the spirits than chocolate.
34) If you are willing to make a fool out of yourself and laugh about it, you will be a much more appealing person to be around.
44) There is nothing as refreshing as worshiping with other believers and hearing God’s Word preached.
47) There comes a point when sleep takes precedence over almost everything else.
49) Hearty laughter with good friends is almost as relaxing as a hot bath.
50) When you arrive with a plan to serve others, it is almost inevitable that you will come away having been served yourself.


Paula said...

Hey there Jamie,
These were many of the same lessons we learned while there last month. Please tell me how to access Sarah's blog. Would love to read all 50.
Hope this finds all y'all blessed.

Sarah said...

:-) To quote Becca, you "blogified" me! :-)
I really could have added many more to the list ... going and working at Lakeshore always leaves me with so much to think about. And I've only been there for two weeks total ... you could probably post a "500 lessons from Lakeshore" :-)
Praying for you Jamie ... Miss ya!