Wednesday, March 28, 2007

From rainy Wisconsin...

Okay, so I'll make this post quick in hopes of getting a longer update out later this week.

I have been blessed to be in my home state of Wisconsin this past week getting a lot of rest and having a lot of fun with my best friend from college. I left Mississippi last Thursday afternoon after turning my paper in at class.

Though I am in northern Wisconsin, it worked out that I was able to go and visit my family in Platteville and worship with my home church family. It has been a great week of encouragement and spending time in the word. I have had the opportunity to join my friend Katie for a few of the Bible studies she is part of. It was great being a part of these studies and the encouragement I received from seeing other young ladies that are excited about the word of God, enjoy digging into the Word, and spending time discussing and struggling through passages of scripture and the doctrines of our faith has spurred me on to continue pressing on in my studies of scripture.

I'll fly back to Mississippi tomorrow, hopefully well rested and ready to hit the ground running. For more up to date posts on what has been and is going on in Lakeshore check out the Rebuild Lakeshore website.

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