Thursday, June 14, 2007

Never a Dull moment

The past few weeks have been filled with hundreds of volunteers flowing through Lakeshore Baptist Church. We've started several new homes and continue working on many more. This month we will see around 550 volunteers, our sleeping quarters will expand with addition of a couple Quonset huts, many homes will make a lot of progress, the gospel will be preached multiple times, and folks in the community will be/have been encouraged by volunteers willing to talk with them.

The summer has brought a few young people to Lakeshore for an extended period of time. It is great having these guys around, they're pretty much a bunch of comedians so we have a blast, in addition to that they are some real good friends. Here's the gang joking around after we were drowned like rat in an afternoon rainstorm.
The gang left to right: Kristy (KY), Joel (FL), Doug (KY), Jamie (WI), Andrew (KY).

One of the many other adventures we have taken as a small group was to the salvation army to pick up some paint. Kristy, Andrew, and I had to were the yellow shirts over there (yellow is not my color) but when we arrived it seemed everyone was a fan of the yellow shirts which proudly proclaim "It's A God Thing". We even made the local news in our yellow shirts.

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Joel Cupp said...

Wow, those people are whacky! That Andrew character should really smile. And isn't Doug, who is 30, a little old to be called a young person?