Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jayme and Liz

One of ways I am blessed is meeting the volunteers that come through Lakeshore Baptist for the rebuilding of the community. This summer has been great meeting people, but getting to know people better than you can in one week. Our summer help has been awesome. A few weeks ago 2 young ladies from Michigan came to help in any way we needed them. They have been pretty much amazing. They are the keepers of the tool sheds - they did an amazing job reorganizing them, I'm afraid of the mess we will probably create after they leave. In addition to the sheds Jayme and Liz have done anything we have asked. They've helped put tar paper on a roof, drilled holes to put bolts through, helped Doug with a couple of plumbing projects, have learned to use saws to assist in a small framing project and have helped in cleaning the office when it gets real bad.
We've spent many hours hanging out in the evenings playing cards and dominos. One night we got a craving and they joined us for peanut butter milkshakes. It's been great having them around to help out, they will be missed when they head home this coming Thursday.

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Paula said...

Okay...I must admit...
I have NEVER had a peanut butter milkshake and I LOVE peanut butter!!!
How do you make them???