Saturday, August 25, 2007

flat tires, gearing up, and sleep

This week has been pretty great. I've had a significant amount of time to sit a reflect on a lot of things that have been running through my mind the last several months and begin to correct some things that need correcting.

I got my first chance to change a flat tire, with some help from JoEll and Don. I will say I'd rather change a tire in the spring time in Wisconsin than southern Mississippi in the middle of August. But it was a great learning experience...last time I got a flat Greg and Don graciously came and changed it for me, since I had no idea what I was to do. I guess now I know.

Things around the church have been a bit slower this week, as we have no volunteers, but we have been able to catch up on a few things (at least I have) and get prepared for this fall. So that we'll be able to hit the ground running when the volunteers return in September.

As I got a chance to relax and spend time in the word and preparing for tomorrow's worship service, I listened to a sermon today delivered by CJ Mahaney. It was titled “A Biblical Understanding of Sleep”. In his sermon he addressed reasons why Christians may not be sleeping well, aside from the obvious late night coffees and ice cream, but those reasons give a great deal to consider about why we sleep and why we need it. Sleep being under the big umbrella of God's glory, that we should desire to sleep for the glory of God... “Do all things for the glory of God.”

1. Sleep is a daily Gift from God. God created and provided sleep. Psalm 127:2 “...for he gives to his beloved sleep.”

2. Sleep is a daily Reminder of our need for God. We are dependent on God. We are creatures. Have we acknowledged this? Psalm 3 - David slept at a time he was being pursed by enemies because he was dependent on God and he trusted God. We must trust God. Sleep is humbling because it is intended to be a daily reminder. We are vulnerable while asleep, but it is an opportunity to express our dependence upon God and trust God to protect and sustain.

3. Sleep is a daily occasion to examine our hearts before God. Psalm 4:4 “...ponder on your own hearts in your beds and be silent.” "Experience transforming grace resulting in refreshing sleep." Usually this is the first time we are able to examine ourselves and give close attention to our heart since our morning devotions.

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