Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gospel Saturated week

If there was one thing that has consumed my thoughts and providentially has been intertwined in almost every sermon, lecture, or book that I've heard or read in the past couple of weeks it has been the gospel.

It has been made very apparent that to me the gospel is essential to Christianity, since through it is the only way to be saved. But learning that the gospel is involved in every aspect of life and is essential for pursuing Christ-likeness has altered the way I've been thinking about things.

One of the first times in the past few weeks that this was really emphasized was in Pastor Voddie Baucham's talk on the discipling of children. He emphasized that when you discipline a child it's a great way to share the gospel with them.

In Stop dating the Church by Joshua Harris he says the gospel brings unity to the church. We can agree with people of other denominations over the non-negotiables, namely the gospel. It also brings us closer to one another and able to confront each other when one sins.

RC Sproul in The Truth of The Cross explains that the atonement was the only way to save us, the debtors, enemies, and criminals from the wrath of the just God.

In addition to those, I've heard sermons from Pastors Ascol, Elbourne and Piper all have referred to the necessity and importance of the gospel for believers in every aspect of life.

I keep asking myself... in all that I've heard and read lately, hasn't this always been the case? Haven't these men and others I am familiar with not preached this many times before, it can't be the first time. I know the gospel is important, but why all this emphasis on it now or have I just not paid close attention before or is this a much needed reminder?

While some of these questions are a bit rhetorical, all the talk of the gospel has made me think and brought me to some conclusions.
  1. The gospel is not only for unbelievers it is for both unbelievers and believers.
  2. I need to be preaching the gospel to myself.
  3. I need to be taking the gospel out into the community.
  4. We need to preach the gospel to each other as believers.
  5. The gospel is essential in growing in Christ-likeness.

I'm sure there is more lessons to be learned about the gospel and there will be other times that the gospel is made evident in preaching or in books. But starting now it is my plan to think about the gospel, preach it to myself, unbelievers and believers and pray God and the gospel would shape me into a godly women who forever desires to grow in godliness and Christ-likeness.

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