Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sovereignty of God over the not so dull moments

As I often remind myself that there is never a dull moment around Lakeshore, today proved to be a day full of not so dull moments. Things began this morning when a semi with 10 pallets of food came from the Bay Area Food Bank to deliver some food that we had ordered for the distribution center. Since we just recently lost the school gym we don't have a lot of room to put a lot of things. But we took the delivery man to the new warehouse and we worked out a way that I would be able to pick up the pallets with the fork lift and get them into the warehouse. That was all good, except I seemed to be good at ruining things while I got the food into the ware house. Somehow I managed to put a hole in the concrete with the weight of the forklift but worse than that I tore of a small piece of siding that bordered the edge of the door. Though not to make myself look like I am a terrible forklift operator, there is literally 1/4 to 1/2 inch clearance between the fork lift and the header of the garage door. So you have to have things just right in order to make it in, but with a full pallet of Macaroni O's and beef it's hard to get things just perfect.

Later in the day Kristy, Pastor Don, and I were driving down the road and things were not feeling right as I drove the van. When we arrived at our destination we checked the tires and made sure the lug nuts were not loose. After dinner Kristy and I decided to hit the road before it got dark and I'm glad we did. About 20 minutes down the road we heard a hideous noise - scared me half to death. I wasn't sure what it was but the van seemed to drive ok after that so we slowly drove to the next exit and called for help. It ended up being the tire - it didn't blow but all the tread came off. James came to rescue us and brought us back to Lakeshore safe and sound.

While it proved to be a destructive day for me, there was nothing that happened that the Lord didn't know about or was in control of. With the delivery of the food, the Lord continues to provide for the folks in the community of Lakeshore that come through the distribution center. Over 2,000 families each month flow through the distribution center and food is place on their FEMA camper trailers or clothes cover their bodies. The man made destructiveness was really insignificant.

Tonight the Lord kept Kristy and I safe as we travel down I-12. There are many different scenarios that have run through may head of things that could have happen. I am grateful the Lord kept us safe, kept the van on the road, and kept the other vehicles on the road out of danger. He brought us safely back to Lakeshore to continue ministering to the folks of this community that I've grown to love. Praise God for his sovereignty.

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Joel Cupp said...

Wow- God is in control :) What adventures you have had. Miss everyone lots :)