Sunday, November 11, 2007

Appreciation is due

Pastor Appreciation month has gone by and I've not been able to express to my pastors how much I appreciate them and their ministry to the flock. Pastor Jeff in Platteville, WI and Pastor Don here in Lakeshore, MS are great men of God who hold fast to the truth and faithfully preach it each week. I know there are hours of preparation for the sermon that come out in the sermons, but otherwise goes unnoticed and for this preparation I am eternally grateful as I sit under their preaching and hear the Word of God.

Not only do they bring God's Word each Sunday and throughout the week, they spend many hours taking care of other needs, counseling people, encouraging people, hospital visits, discipling people...the list could go on and on. They also have their own families who they lead, protect, encourage, discipline, love, and guide in Truth.

While I am grateful for my pastors, I also appreciate my pastors wives. I am convinced that as pastors are much appreciated and sometimes recognized, often the women who are by their side, who support their husbands, and do much more around the church than is really realized are neglected in appreciation and praise.

Both Felicia and Courtney have been extremely encouraging and helpful in my growth as a believer and into a young woman. They've been the ones I can go to all the time, in any situation. They are there when I have questions about life and scripture. And for the Church...They do much more around the church than most church members and have devoted many hours to meeting the needs of the church body in cooperation with their husbands.

They have both been great examples for me by being godly women who love their husbands and children. As I look forward to being a wife and mother one day, Lord willing, I've been blessed to have several examples of women, like Felicia and Courtney, to learn from. Not only do these women serve the church, they serve their family continuously. - from preparing meals, making sure the kids have everything for school, running kids from place to place, doing the normal house cleaning/laundry/dishes, supporting their husbands, and many other daily activities. I praise God for my pastors wives and what they do for the Church and what great encouragement they have been to me.

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