Thursday, November 01, 2007

If the Lord wills

Today something happened that helped me to see just another reason why I am here in Lakeshore and why I love it so much. To give a little background...There is a couple in the community who has three boys. Like most in the area, they are living paycheck to paycheck, trying to get enough money to build a home. After the storm they received very little money, but with living expenses and several medical issues that money depleted very quickly. The family is very anxious to get out of the FEMA trailer and into a home.

Because they are living paycheck to paycheck they would buy a few boards as they could afford them and the husband was doing the work himself. They came to Lakeshore Baptist asking for help and we really wanted to help them, but with their limited income and a grant we are typically able to get it still was going to be way short.

So Pastor Don kept thinking about ways to be able to help them. Through a series of events we were able to find out that another organization had come back to the coast and was helping get materials to build homes. We quickly caught up with them and proceeded to find out if that organization could help this family.

Pastor Don and I were able to go today and tell the woman that we were going to be able to help and if everything works out right a framing crew would be in this weekend to begin framing the home. Things are seeming to fall together as today progressed...If the Lord wills, we will have a team over at their home next week.

One of the greatest things about telling her that we were going to be able to help was to see her smile. Something I had not really ever seen her do before. She's been hit with some difficult situations and seems to have lost hope. I pray these teams that go there from now on would be a light and an encouragement to this family.

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Paula said...

I am s-ooo hoping you are talking about the Landry family. Pastor Don had sent their name onto us here @ Trinity Lutheran. Our WELCA ladies adopted them a few months ago and unfortunately we have only been able to send them $500 towards their wood. Our president had spoken to Jozette last week = she said they feared they would miss their inspection deadline.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing! God continues to mystify us in the small little beach town of LAKESHORE!!!
amen amen...
Paula from MARYLAND