Saturday, November 24, 2007

Learning Quickly

The past couple of weeks have flown by. We've had several teams here from multiple states (Georgia, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Kansas) and it's been a great growing experience for me. These past few weeks I've been a bit more involved with taking teams to the jobs sites and instructing them on what to do. Honestly, at first I was a bit out of my element, but as time has gone on it's gotten easier to instruct and answer questions. The teams these past couple of weeks have been very gracious as I learn what tools are what and what they do, as I figure out how to get materials to them, and as I tell them what I need done in areas that I thought I knew nothing about but am learning very quickly (electrical work for example). Thankfully they've know what they are doing and have been able to explain the way things work and why we need to do things a certain way.
This week I am pretty excited. A team from Arkansas is working at Ms. Gillum's house. They are working on installing light fixtures, toilets, sinks, tub, ceiling fans, water heater, and touching up paint. It is looking more and more like a home, not just a house. Lord willing we will be able to get all the cabinets in the next week or two and get the electricity turned on, and move Ms. Gillum in.

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