Saturday, November 17, 2007

The October-November blur

I'm a sitting here tonight, on Liz's last night with us for a while, wondering where October and most of November have gone. We've had many volunteer team coming and going these past couple months and a lot of progress has been made on the homes we've been working on.

He's just a glimpse of what's been happening.

  • Ms. Gillum's house is getting closer and closer for her to move in. We are waiting on her kitchen cabinets to come in, but most the rest of the house is complete...with a few exceptions.
  • Mr. George's trailer is getting very close. We've sent a team in to hook up the kitchen sink this weekend. Now the main thing that remains is a couple of doors and his furniture, which Lord willing we'll be getting in the near future.
  • The Moran's house is nearly all sheetrocked and she was going to have some relatives finish that and do the mudding and sanding.
  • Ms. Diane's house is insulated and Lord willing we will be starting to sheetrock this week.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Green's posts have been set for the porch, which should be started this week.
  • We've had a team break up two slabs to prep the site where we plan to start another 2 homes.
It is strange when it hits me, which happens multiple times a week, that this community was completely destroyed. There was not one home that wasn't affected by the storm. I don't know of any house in Lakeshore that didn't take on at least a few feet of water, most place taking on somewhere between 5-15. Some places got 20 to 40 feet of water. I still cannot imagine. But I am grateful the volunteers continue to come into Lakeshore and minister to this community.

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Paula said...

I am grateful to Our Heavenly Father for you, Jamie, and the other interns working side-by-side in the Lakeshore community when those of us longing to be there cannot.
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving Celebration.