Friday, November 09, 2007

Redneck moments

I was thinking I should start a series for moments that might be labeled "Redneck"....We could have pages and pages of posts on all those moments that we have around here. But today Liz and I had our own special moment....

So Liz and I were driving around today helping teams get from site to site and picking up a few materials. After making a purchase from Home Depot she and I figured out how to get 16 feet of baseboards to fit into the van. While we were doing that the side door to the van apparently decided that it wasn't going to cooperate with us and when Liz went to open the door it basically fell off.

Well, Liz and I worked together and got the door back on, so we thought. We got the trim in the van and started down the road. We turned off from the Hwy to a side road and that's when the door decided to come off again, as we were driving. I will say it didn't totally fall off, but was definitely something that needed attention. We made it to our destination with the door half falling off and discovered the problem.

We needed a bolt or something similar to put it back on it's track and keep it there. Were searched the van and the house we were at, finding no bolt. So we reverted to our redneck ways...let's just find something we can jam up in there and call it good. We were searched for something to fit, finding a lone carpenter pencil, random shims, scrap wire, and scrap trim. The lone carpenter pencil proved to be a perfect fit. So we jammed that pencil through the bolt hole and were able to secure the door to it's track, continued down the road, finished our errands, and arrived safely with door and all at the church.

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