Sunday, December 23, 2007

pray for leading

I've made it through all the family get togethers. It was great to see family and spend time talking with them. I have about 5 days left here in Platteville before I head back to Lakeshore. I fully intend to get some sleep and try to visit some folks here in town.

I am praying for direction as I think about whether to continue serving in Lakeshore. As of this time I have no leading to move away from Lakeshore. I am asked on a daily basis what my plans for after May 2008 are. I have been talking with the North American Mission Board and considering their US/C2 position - a 2 year position. Things sound like they could work out for me to stay on in Lakeshore

Honestly I can't think of anything else I'd rather do at this point in my life than to continue serving in Lakeshore. I've been asked a lot this week what I find attractive about Lakeshore or why I'd want to stay in Lakeshore. The main reason I stay in Lakeshore is the need for the gospel. There are a few faithful Christ followers in Lakeshore spreading the gospel to those who do not know the Lord, but still the gospel needs to be spread. I'd like to ask for prayers that the Lord would reveal to me direction and that I'd be obedient to whatever way he leads.

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Anonymous said...

Prayers are sent your way, my Christian friend, for Vision + Discernment. You have matured Spiritually during your past 18 months in Lakeshore. I know He will continue to use you to spread His Word + Glorify His Holy Name.
Merry Christmas,