Monday, December 24, 2007

Santas and Carols or Christ and the Gospel

As I almost have forgotten tomorrow is Christmas, the day set aside to celebrate the birth of the risen savior, I am pondering the meaning of Christmas. Most everyday has gone by since I have been home without a mention of Christ. I've read and prayed on my own, but I've only met once for corporate worship (services were canceled this past weekend on account of the weather) have spent very little time around fellow believers. This is very different than what I am used to - working, serving, and living around other Christians all the time.

It is when I am away from the fellowship, encouragement, correction, and the sharing and discussion of God's Word that I realize how blessed I am. But when I am away it also reminds me of the great need to share the gospel and I am convicted at the lack obedience I have when it comes to sharing the gospel with family, friends, and acquaintances.

I came across a clip of John McArthur sharing the real Christmas story. It helped me set my mind on Christ this Christmas eve as I am away from fellow believers, who share the joy of the birth, life, and sacrifice of the Christ.

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Anonymous said...

This was WONDERFUL!!!
Thank you for sharing, Jamie.
Blessings Always,