Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let there be no wasted days

Starting January 1st I began the M'Cheyne Bible reading plan to guide me in my morning devotions. I have enjoyed my time in the scripture as I begin to read through the OT once and the NT twice this year.

I have been convicted on days that I skip reading or just read to check it off my list by something I read by John MacArthur. In the 1 & 2 Peter study MacArthur writes
"A believer should count it a wasted day when he does not learn something new from or is not more deeply enriched by the truth of God's Word. Scripture is food for the believer's growth and power - and there is not other."
It stuck me hard, "a wasted day" many wasted days have I had? But I cannot change those days, but I can change how I will view my time with the Lord each day. We cannot grow closer to God when we ignore his word. The only way we grow close to anyone is to spend time with them. Not just 5 minutes a day. But we talk with them often and spend a good bit of time with them.

Lord - change my heart, I desire to know you. Convict me at times when I skip spending time with you or just read the Bible to check it off my list for the day. I desire to have no more wasted days, but to know you more deeply and personally. Thank you for the desire to know you - be glorified through me. Amen.

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