Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Dwelling

Well I am not officially moved into my new camper yet...I still have a bunch of random things in my old camper, but I'm living in the new one. I'm pretty excited about it, there's a bit more space - especially closet space! - and a little living room area and kitchen area. I worked on cleaning it the other day, it was a bit gross with dirt and grime. But a bit of bleach and a good scrub worked wonders. Today Brit and Loes (two of the most daring girls) tackled the bathroom, which I hadn't gotten time to get to...they did an amazing job and they even washed the curtains for me!
Welcome in to my living room..don't mind the wont be there long, just until I know everything spick and span
I was commenting to the girls last night, it's kind of like a mini apartment. Though I still cannot imagine housing a whole family in one of these things for over two years.

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