Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Weathered the Storm, Conquered by the Volunteers

John Richard's house weathered the storm pretty well 28 months ago, but his deck was in pretty bad shape and the siding on his home needed some repair. For the past few weeks teams have work with John on rebuilding his deck and siding his house. John is a faithful church member who has not asked for much of anything, he likes to see others getting back into their homes. The church was able to get some money through a grant for John to give him a safe deck to walk on and new siding that will better protect his home from the weather. We are hoping to get some new flooring in his house before too long. I know the crew who have worked with John have really enjoyed it and John is very grateful for all that is done for him and for this community.

These are some of the men from the ARBCA group from several different states who deconstructed the old deck and constructed the new.

This week some men from Grace EC church in PA roofed the porch.

The Grace EC group also worked on painting lattice, which they learned can be a bit tedious with all those little holes.

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CPCC Pastor said...

hey Jamie, thanks for the photo's of the finished deck/roof for old John! Our crew did most of this while we were there, but we had to leave early. If you have the regular (higher resolution) photos online, could you email them to me? many thanks, fellow badger!
Dave Bissett