Monday, January 07, 2008

A whirlwind of activity

Things have been a whirlwind since arriving back in Lakeshore. Last week was spent gearing up for this big week of volunteers. The Lord has provided 150+ volunteers this week most of them being skilled. I'm sure it will be a great week and much will be accomplished.

I'm having a hard time just sitting down to write a blog post, so I will try to write a little throughout the day and if it seems like a bunch of random thoughts, it probably is.

Wow, we have people working all over the community – it's pretty cool. They are doing all sorts of jobs from clearing land, demolition, framing, sheet rock, insulation, plumbing, electrical, etc, etc...

It's been a busy day, but very productive day. We also got another trailer for sleeping volunteers and got it set into place.They are also converting a shipping container into our children's church.
I took just a few minutes this afternoon to stop by a newly framed house to check on an inspection. As I was there I was reflecting on all the things that were taking place - the fact that I was standing in a house constructed by mainly teenagers, that at that moment we had 160 mainly skilled adults and young people taking on projects at almost every house we are working on at the present time and out visiting many in the community...but as I looked out the hole in the wall, which soon will have a window placed in it, I was reminded of all the destruction that is still around and the long road ahead of residents here in Hancock county and all over the gulf coast. Out behind the home there was dozens of trees snapped off about 30 feet up, some debris still visible from the woods, and an empty concrete slab that once a house sat firmly atop. It is amazing to see the Lord orchestrating all of these efforts in the people and skills he brings to the area and sustaining us as we try to guide the volunteers.

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