Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mrs. Gillum moves in!!!

The Day has finally arrived. Mrs. Gillum is able to move into her refurbished home. I cannot tell you how excited Mrs. Gillum as we worked on her house. She comes to me each Sunday at church, gives me a hug, tells me how grateful she is, and how much she likes what the volunteers have done. Mrs. Gillum has had a rough life these past few years, losing her son then her husband, having the storm destroy her home, then losing her daughter. She is a precious woman.
We had a home dedication for her this afternoon. Teams from South Carolina, Georgia, Arizona and Alabama were in attendance. It was a special time that we could gather for prayer and give Mrs. Gillum a great gift. folks will be helping Mrs. Gillum move the things from her FEMA camper to the home tomorrow. Lord willing she will be able to sleep in her new bed tomorrow night.

And for a bonus picture, here's Britt jumping over the flooded ditch in front of Mrs. Gillum's house.


Kristy Miller said...

Oh, how exciting! I can't believe Ms. Gillum is moving in, that's great! Wish I could have been there to see the dedication. Love the picture of Britt! How long is she staying there?

Jamie Dunbar said...

It's very exciting! Britt doesn't know how long she'll be here, she bought a one way ticket here. by the way Britt did make it across the ditch successfully, even with the short legs.

Anonymous said...
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Joel Cupp said...

That is so awesome :) I am so excited. God Bless!

Paula said...

What a BEAUTIFUL home for a wonderful lady!!!