Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Monday..Day One

This week we have a few teams here (2 from Alabama, 1 from Florida, and another will be rolling in tomorrow from Florida) So far they have gotten a good bit of work done, but this week is especially exciting for me. A couple weeks ago when we realized we had a framing team coming in and probably wouldn't have time to get pilings in the ground Pastor Don told me to come up with a set of plans for a house under 200 square feet that I could live in. So I did...This week there is a team here building my little cottage! I know 200 square feet is smaller than my office in the church office - but it will be a place of my own and it will have a real bathroom :) It will also have a loft which isn't counted into the square footage - this is where I'll sleep. I'm so looking forward to the day I move out of the camper and into my cottage! I will admit, last night after the work crews had come in I went out to my little place with the girls and we sat in the house and day dreamed about how things would look in there. I deeply appreciate the kindness the church has shown to me and I'm so grateful the Lord has provided a more "permanent" home to stay in. Lord willing I will be able to show everyone the progress as this week and the coming weeks progress.


Paula said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! And pink, too ;>)

Joel Cupp said...

Yeah for a house for you!!!!!