Friday, May 09, 2008

I wonder what the worship song would sound like...

I was reading Abraham Piper's blog 22 Words this morning, a blog that has become one of my favorites. He posted yesterday "10 things we don't mention in worship songs, but that I'm happy God saved me from" He gives his own list of things and as I was reading it over, I began to think of all the things the Lord has saved me from or is still working on in me (many of them still working on, but know in Christ can have freedom from). Some I wish I still didn't have to struggle with. It makes me realize how far the Lord has brought me and made me stop to pray and thank God for not only saving me or working on these things in me, but also for saving me from eternal damnation and adopting me as one of his own.

My list in no particular order:

1. Death (deserved or self-inflicted)
2. Self-injury
3. Immorality
4. Over Analyzing
5. A Psychology major
6. Self-Centeredness (woe-is-me attitude)
7. Fearing what people are thinking
8. Addictions
9. Uncontrolled Anger
10. The need to please, fear of failure

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Don Smith said...

Hey ya Jamie, my wife Jan & I have enjoyed your blog for some time now. So much so, we've started one of our own. See just getting started but wanted to simply say thanks. If you think of it say howdy to Pastor Don, JoEll, James & Bea from the team from Tucson. We were there Easter week of 2006. Since then we have joined the Arizona Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team and have been blessed to serve at the mine disaster in Utah, and this last december in So Calif during the big fires. God Bless. keep writing as your witness is such a great blessing. Yours in Christ, Don Smith.