Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Through the Lord alone

Because I've left most people out in the dark...read on for a brief update on what the Lord is doing in me and the ministry of Lakeshore Baptist Church....
  • I returned from Atlanta last month from my interviews with NAMB. Lord willing I will be finding out officially in the next couple weeks if I will be an approved missionary.
  • March and April were pretty amazing, many groups and a lot being accomplished.
  • Mrs. Diane's house is almost complete...just waiting on the county to install the grinder.
  • We began 2 new houses. (the Boyds and Calhouns)
  • My little home has been started.
  • Lord willing in the next week I will get to do a little traveling between Mississippi, Wisconsin, and Kentucky.
  • I've been enjoying experimenting and cooking...I don't cook much, but I love to learn and try things for myself.
  • May is low with the number of volunteers, but we do have an Americorp group that is staying on site and helping us out for a few weeks.
  • I've been enjoying time with Britt and Liz (a couple of our long term volunteers.)
  • I helped Tyvek for the first time ever (I send out people to do all these things and I watch them, so every now and then I like to put myself to the test to see if I am capable of doing come of these things). I installed collar ties for the first time too - I hope they are even enough to hang sheetrock on.
  • I've been reading Galatians in the mornings and trying to read a bunch of different books in the evenings.
  • I enjoyed seeing and spending time with the returning group from Providence Baptist Church in Franklin MA that was here last week. I've never seen a group consume so many snickers and m&m's.
  • The Lord continues to work in Lakeshore and in my life - conforming me more and more into his image. He's teaching me and reteaching me things through his Word and the counsel of other believers. I am grateful for all the Lord is doing in my life, the folks who I work with, and among the people in the community. May the Lord continue to be glorified and praised.


Jeff said...

Thanks for the update, Pickle. I'm very grateful for what God is doing and has done in your life. We are RHC, the home church, are thankful for your labors with Don and the crew for the Lord.

Dan said...

I'm glad to see the little house is coming along very well. It's such a cute place. I hope to downsize to something like that someday.
Good luck with everything!