Sunday, August 24, 2008

It is time for an update...

August is nearly over; I am still trying to figure out where it has gone. This month saw fewer volunteers than the past few months, yet many things were accomplished. Earlier this month a team from Chippewa Falls, WI worked a great deal on my house. They worked on hanging, mudding, and sanding sheetrock, building indoor and outdoor stairs, and building an area for the hot water heater. It is coming along. Still some work to do on the sheetrock, but Lord willing it wont be long before I can texture and paint.

We were also able to get one woman and her daughter into their home, finishing a few details on the home as FEMA pressed to take their camper back.

September is quick approaching Lord willing we will be starting another home for a family in Lakeshore. A church from Virginia is planning to send people down for 5 weeks straight to get as far as they can on the building of the home.

I took a little time away from Lakeshore and caught a ride back to Wisconsin with the Chippewa Falls team. I was able to spend about 4 days at my parents house with my folks, sister and my niece (who I met for the first time!). Following that I spent one night at my sister place and then headed for Chippewa Falls where I spent about a week. It was a grea time away and a great time to reflect on several different things, prepare for the ladies Bible study, and get a lot of sleep.

I know it has been some time since I've posted and there is a lot more that has taken place than I've briefly touched on here. Lord willing I will be writing a little more frequently, but we'll see how that goes as time goes on.

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