Sunday, August 03, 2008

Seeing God work

One of the great things about serving in Lakeshore is the numerous times each week I see the Lord work in very tangible ways. Tonight was no exception. Allison and I were waiting to eat dinner, talking with the ladies from the Bronx New York group when we received a phone call from their men. They were near Wal-Mart when our trusty old blue van broke down.

Allison and I rode up there, then back to the church to get some jumper cables, and back again. When we arrived we found the guys just joking around waiting on us. Once we started to get the hood open, we realized none of us could. Struggling wondering what we would do and local man stopped and assisted.

He had owned an old Ford van and knew the trick of getting the hood open. Then he pulled up and assisted us in jumping off the van. It finally cranked and we were able to get back to the church. I praise God for the attitude of the Bronx group and the help of the local fisherman.

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Betsy said...

thats awesome!