Thursday, August 28, 2008

Watching Gustav

As most have heard by now there is tropical storm/hurricane Gustav out in the Caribbean approaching the gulf and the gulf coast. For the past few days we have been watching it closely to see where the projected path (the Hurricane Center's best guess at this point) would lead the storm. So far their best guess has it jumping from one point on the coast to another. Yet Mississippi still seems to be in the middle of it all.

It is far too early to tell where it will actually end up hitting there is still nearly 5 days until projected landfall. And we saw what Fay did - throwing all the computer models off on it's destination. So I am not going to hold my breath on way or another, best thing to do is to watch and wait.

We are making preparations however in case we do have to tear down Quonset huts and move trailers. There is an association of churches in Jones county ready to come tear this place down Saturday if we decide we need them.

Tomorrow is the three year anniversary of hurricane Katrina. Mississippi residents are daily reminded of the devastation Katrina left in its wake, and new fears with this storm are reminding them all over again of what has happen and could easily happen again.

Until it's closer there is no need to panic, but we are getting prepared just in case. Fears around town though are growing I heard Wal-Mart was crazy today, yesterday they ran out of gasoline, and today gas prices jumped 20 cents from yesterday. I'll try to keep ya'll updated or you can also check out for information.

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