Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fundraising for our kitchen

When Gustav tore down the kitchen a few weeks ago. We began thinking fast about the new kitchen we'd like to build. We'd been thinking about it for some time, but hadn't made any concrete plans on the new structure. But no we have some ideas of what we'd like to do, how big the building might be, and where we will put it.
First we must clean up the big storage tent that Gustav also took down. This week we are going to begin cleaning out the tent, putting things in the warehouse, putting things in the distribution center, and figuring out where we will put the rest until we can put them in the houses. Then we will have a team erect the big white tent (if it is not too damaged) over the slab where the kitchen is currently. Cleaning up this tent will allow us to make more concrete plans for building our new kitchen.
But we need your help! We could really use the manual labor this weekend and the next couple of weeks (OR whenever you are able to come). We are also raising funds to build the new kitchen. There are a few ways to donate to the cause. You can send a check to
Lakeshore Baptist Church
PO Box 293
Lakeshore, MS 39558
on the memo line write "camp kitchen" in the memo line

Another avenue to donate or join us in raising support is through our facebook group. You don't have to even be a member to donate this way. This is a safe online way to donate.

To Join the facebook group, you have to be a member, but can find the facebook cause here.

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