Friday, September 19, 2008

In the midst of hurricanes much is being done...

The internet came back up yesterday after about a week of being out, so I guess that warrants an update of what happening around here. We had several groups in these past couple of weeks working primarily on Betty Cox and Larry Poolson's homes. Both of these families had their FEMA or MEMA temporary housing flooded during hurricane Gustav. They are currently living in hotel rooms until they are able to move into their homes.

At the Cox's we pretty much finished everything up that we can do and now are waiting on inspections to tell her whether her family can move into the home. It shouldn't be long now!

At the Poolson's we are plugging away. We laid flooring and set cabinets this last week. It will be a little longer yet before we are able to move Mr. Larry in but Lord willing not long.

We had a team also working at the Smith house prior to Hurricane Ike's arrival to the gulf. But as Ike passed he produced flooding near the coast and all the bayous and inlets. Mr. Al's house sits right on a Bayou so the team was not able to get back to the home to work on in. But the good news is the home is high enough it did not see any water inside during the last two storms.

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