Monday, September 01, 2008

Monday Morning Waiting

I'm the first to rise here in the church. Just listening to the radio no since the computers have very limited and sporadic internet access. Storm hasn't made landfall yet but there is rain on shore, and its now raining in Franklinton, LA. Hearing reports of tornadoes in Hancock county (near Lakeshore). Mostly just talk now on the radio waiting on the storm to hit and then to see what happens with the storm surge.

I can't wait just to go home back to Lakeshore. I have a feeling today is going to be a long day once it begins to rain and get windy. Lord willing we wont see the hurricane force winds up here. They say we shouldn't but you never know I guess.

Well I guess I am going try to go back to sleep, just a bit nervous. And I need to be in a good mood so I stay calm today.


Paula said...

Praying for His Total Peace to sustain you, Jamie. We are mere mortals whose minds tend to drift. Stay focused on Him + The Cross.
love to you all,

Paula said...

Your unstopping servanthood continues to amaze me! Here you guys @ LBC have alot of clean-up to do on in Lakeshore yet you are unselfishly helping those at a sister church in Baton Rouge!!