Friday, October 03, 2008

conquering the temptation

For as long as I can remember I have had a problem with feeling sorry for myself and getting myself in a woe is me pattern. I have been praying and thinking about this some this past week. I know this does not glorify the Lord and with His help I can conquer this as He's helped me before; but I've also realize I must take some steps on my own to help myself avoid the temptation to feel sorry for myself. So far I've thought of these steps..
  1. More time in prayer and scripture
  2. Take medicines regularly
  3. Take vitamins regularly
  4. Exercise several times a week
  5. Get outside more
  6. Get away part of a day each week
  7. Visit people in the community more
  8. Start conversations with others as I am out and about
  9. Talk to friends and mentors more often
  10. Sing more/Listen to more music
  11. Disciple a young lady
  12. Preach to myself
  13. Minister to those in the church that are sick, hurting, or lonely.
  14. Don't make myself so busy with these things that it wears me out more than helps
Help me out, I know many at least at times are prone to feel sorry for themselves and have a woe is me attitude. What are some of the steps ya'll take to avoid and conquer this?

I am happy to say that with the Lord's help I am seeing some improvement in my attitude and have been much better in fighting the temptation to feel sorry for myself. I write this not to have others feel sorry, since that is what I am trying to avoid myself. Rather to gain insight from those who have been there, those who are more mature in their relationship with the Lord, those who are older and have more life experience. Or to encourage others struggling with the same.

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Paula said...

Hi Jamie,
I think in this crazy gotta "get 'er done" society, we all run out of energy + fall prey to the enemy from time to time. I myself journal, when I'm feeling down 'n out. The one I have now includes scripture on each page, which encourages me to stay in The Word. I also surround myself w/ Christian music + Christian friends, helping me to lift my spirits. Rest assured --- you are not alone!!!
God Bless,