Saturday, November 29, 2008

Praying for Your Pastor's Wife

While reading today I came across an article by Nancy Leigh DeMoss called 31 Days of praying for your Pastor's wife. She encourages us to pray for the woman that often in the shadow of the man who fills the pulpit. A woman who serves, loves, respects, and prays for her husband, who faces the same challenges as other women in the congregation, and needs encouragement, friendships, support and prayer as any other women would.

I plan to use the outline and ideas she provided as a guide as I pray for my Pastor's wife and would encourage ya'll to use this outline or at least get ideas from the outline to pray for your pastor's wife more specifically. The following are an example of a few of the days and how she encourages us to pray. For the full list check out Revive our Hearts.

Day 1
Pray that your pastor’s wife will love God with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength. Pray that God’s Spirit will work in her heart in power, and that she will value and follow biblical priorities. (Deut. 6:5; Matt. 6:33)

Day 20
Ask God to remind her of the hope and refuge God offers her each day. Pray that she will be encouraged in God, knowing that He is a firm, secure anchor for her soul. (Ps. 9:9-10; Ps. 42:5; 71:14; Heb. 6:19a)

Day 28
Pray that she will strive for personal excellence as a “Proverbs 31” woman, and will believe God to accomplish His will in her as a virtuous woman. (Prov. 31:10-31)

Day 29
Pray that your pastor’s wife will be a woman of faith and passionate love for God, not giving in to worries, fears, or an uptight and anxious spirit.
(1 John 4:18; Prov. 3:5-6)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful for the inexpressible gift

Of all the things that I am grateful for this Thanksgiving, the thing I am most grateful for is the inexpressible gift that God has given us in Jesus Christ.

Christ left his place in heaven to walk the earth perfectly and sinless, he faced every temptation known to man, he came knowing the death he was going to have to die to save sinful man. He willingly came to this earth, he died on a cross so that our sin would be transferred to him and his righteousness imputed to us. He faced separation from the Father during his death to be the atoning sacrifice that man needed to be saved and spend eternity with the Father. I am grateful that the Father orchestrated this that we, I, may be spared from eternity separated from him.

2 Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why I appreciate my pastor

I often neglect to tell people in my life how grateful I am for them and how much I appreciate them. And many times it is the people that I am closest to or spend a lot of my time serving alongside that I forget. That said, this blog post is not entirely my idea. Abraham Piper posted to his blog, 22 words, asking us why we appreciate our Pastor.

I am blessed to serve at Lakeshore Baptist Church alongside my brother in Christ and Pastor Don Elbourne. It has been a great 2 1/2 years that I have been here and look forward to continue to serve alongside him and the rest of the folks here in Lakeshore.

As we look forward to Thanksgiving tomorrow I cannot help but thank God for the roll Don and his family, as well as the church family, have played in my life. I want to take this opportunity to thank Don publicly letting him know, as well as all who read, a few reasons why I appreciate my Pastor.

1. He faithfully preaches the Word of God
2. He puts up with me on a daily basis
3. He's willing to stop things to counsel or answer questions.
4. He loves his wife and children
5. He and his family have brought me into their family and life.
6. He's not afraid to correct and rebuke me when I need it.
7. He put PhD on hold to minister full time to a storm ravaged community.
8. He cares deeply for the members of Lakeshore Baptist Church.
9. He's a extraordinary cook.
10. He has a desire to spread the gospel to the entire community.
11. He been here 14 years and looks forward to staying as long as God has him here.
12. He's sacrificed so much the past three years since hurricane Katrina to minister to a hurting and devastated community.
13. He's not afraid to admit when he's made a mistake.
14. He loves God's Word and encourages us to read, study, and memorize the Word.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Reformation Polka

Being from Wisconsin polka is something we grew up hearing...and being reformed I like Martin Luther. I came across this and thought it was cute.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Can Singles have a Standard of Beauty?

In his sermon series on the book of Song of Songs, Mark Driscoll addressed the question "Can Singles have a Standard of Beauty?" His answer is something good to keep in mind as a single who looks forward to the possibility of marriage one day. His answer to the question is...


"You need to marry someone you are attracted to. And I am talking attraction in the holistic sense. You are spiritually attracted to them. They love and serve Jesus. You are attracted to their ministry and what they're doing to serve and love others. You are attracted to them mentally. You like conversing with them and learning with them. You are attracted to the emotionally. You feel safe with them you feel connected with them. You are attracted to them physically...attraction is a holistic issues. To me again this is one of the disgusting things about friends with benefits and hooking up and cohabitation and porn. It's not a whole attraction it is just a physical attraction, that's it....The problem is if you are single and set a standard of beauty you are looking just at the physical, you need to look at it and consider it but not just that and then what about when you do get married and they grow or'll be dissatisfied because you'll have a standard of beauty rather than a spouse."