Saturday, November 01, 2008

Can Singles have a Standard of Beauty?

In his sermon series on the book of Song of Songs, Mark Driscoll addressed the question "Can Singles have a Standard of Beauty?" His answer is something good to keep in mind as a single who looks forward to the possibility of marriage one day. His answer to the question is...


"You need to marry someone you are attracted to. And I am talking attraction in the holistic sense. You are spiritually attracted to them. They love and serve Jesus. You are attracted to their ministry and what they're doing to serve and love others. You are attracted to them mentally. You like conversing with them and learning with them. You are attracted to the emotionally. You feel safe with them you feel connected with them. You are attracted to them physically...attraction is a holistic issues. To me again this is one of the disgusting things about friends with benefits and hooking up and cohabitation and porn. It's not a whole attraction it is just a physical attraction, that's it....The problem is if you are single and set a standard of beauty you are looking just at the physical, you need to look at it and consider it but not just that and then what about when you do get married and they grow or'll be dissatisfied because you'll have a standard of beauty rather than a spouse."

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