Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lakeshore Bapitst Temporary Buildings Situation

By now many have heard about the situation that's unfolding here at Lakeshore Baptist Church. For those who haven't heard the Zoning Board had voted to give us until May 31 to take down all our temporary structures on our property, including the volunteer housing, the kitchen, and our metal church building. This would leave us in a tight spot, not being able to house and feed volunteers and leave us without a building to meet for corporate worship.

I will admit when I first heard this it was hard to believe and even harder to swallow, but knowing the Lord is in control and is bigger than any zoning board or government helped me be at peace.

I don't know the outcome of all of this, but the Lord has been faithful. We know that we will continue to worship and spread hope and the gospel to this community, whether the temporary structures are here or not.

Do continue to pray for us at this time. Pray for wisdom, direction, and guidance as we press forward. Pray for my pastor, Don Elbourne, that he'd be guided by the Lord and that he'd continue faithfully preaching the gospel and loving this community devistated by Katrina. And above all things pray the Lord would be glorified in us and this community through this trial - no matter the outcome.

For more updates check out rebuildlakeshore.com. Also check us out in our local news the sea coast echo and wlox

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