Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Journey to Lakeshore, Part 1

Over the following couple of days I want to write my testimony of Katrina and how I ended up in Lakeshore. A place I am so grateful the Lord brought me, an experience that is like no other, and a church family and community I love.

On August 29, 2005 I never would have thought I would be living in Lakeshore, MS in 2009. I'd never heard of Lakeshore, Waveland, or Bay St. Louis....

I remember the day before the storm was to make landfall, praying the Lord would be glorified through the storm. We knew it was going to be destructive, though I could have never imagined how destructive. I didn't know at that point, but the Lord began to give me a desire to help those who were going to be affect by this storm, the worst storm the United States had ever seen.

A few months went by with the occasional email or notice in church about upcoming disaster relief training and possible trips put on by the Minnesota/Wisconsin Baptist Convention, but as a college student I was unable to get away during the semester. But as the semester went on, my desire to head south became stronger and stronger. I wanted to help, but where to start? And when could I go?

I was watching the news almost everyday to see what was taking place. But midway through the semester most all of the news was coming out of New Orleans, and the stories were beginning to fade out of the news headlines. But my heart was being turned to the gulf coast, so I waited and prayed for an opportunity to come about...

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